Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Turn off/stop/disable Final Showing Markup view in Word

This macro will make MS Word start up in "Final" as opposed to "Final
Showing Markup." It's quite annoying when Final Showing Markup is the
default view--this has to stop/be disabled; I hope that this is
addressed in the next version of Office. Back to the point, this macro
will take you back to the days of Word XP and stop the Final Showing
Markup view before it rears its ugly head.

Final Showing Markup *is* shown by default if changes are tracked on a
document. For example, edit a document of your own, track changes,
then send it to a friend. Even though your friend doesn't want to see
the markup, they *WILL* because it's there. This little VBA macro
makes it so that you won't see the markup by default anymore, and
instead will see the Final (without markup) view.

Just dump these lines into a module in your Normal template (hit
ALT+F11 to start up the Visual Basic Editor, right click Modules under
the -Normal- directory and add a Module). Since the name of this sub
is "AutoOpen," it will execute whenever you open a document.

''''''''' VB Start '''''''''
Sub AutoOpen()
With ActiveWindow.View
.ShowRevisionsAndComments = False
.RevisionsView = wdRevisionsViewFinal
End With
CommandBars("Reviewing").Visible = False
'''OPTIONAL: previous line turns off Reviewing toolbar
End Sub
''''''''' VB End '''''''''

Hope this helps!