Saturday, November 17, 2012

Growl notification trigger not opening app or having no reaction on click

Growl is a great way of being politely notified of system events in OSX. I recently upgraded and bought Growl on the app store, and like many other users, I had problems like:
"Clicking notification doesnt open the app that triggered the notification"
"zero reaction on clicks when a new notification pops up"
I had this problem because I had a previous version of Growl before upgrading.

To restore this very handy functionality, install the Growl Version Detective ( currently 1.2.2) and upgrade the Framework version on your app like shown below.

After updating the Framework version for iTerm and Adium, I was able to click on the Growl notification and have that action restore the focus to the respective applications.

Select your app and click "Upgrade FW"