Monday, March 5, 2007

Surfing at Kalaeloa Beach, aka White Plains

Kalaeloa Beach, aka White Plains, is a great place to learn how to surf. With a military ID, you can rent a board for $5/hr and with a good guide, learn to surf in minutes! Just remember to get the biggest board possible as a beginner and you'll be fine :). Here are the directions to White Plains beach.

1. H-1 West to Kapolei Exit #2
2. LEFT turn going South on Fort Barrette Ave, pass the hospital (right) and school (left)
3. LEFT on Roosevelt Rd, immediately after the abandoned guard shack
4. RIGHT on Coral Sea Rd, fourth RIGHT
5. LEFT on Tripoli St, past the airport on the right--look for the sign to the Shore Shack
6. Park and surf!


Anonymous said...

It's a great beach for learning to surf...I learned there back in the '80's when my Dad was stationed there. I was also a lifeguard there for several years.

I did a google search on 'white plains beach' and some of the sites I have found have brought back lots of fun memories.

Thanks for posting that!

rash guard said...

The waves there are just good enough perfect spot for some surfing fun.