Saturday, June 8, 2013

Keyboard shortcut for ribbon interface in Mac Office 2011 with @shortcatapp

Thanks to Shortcat (, I can access the Office ribbon interface in Mac OSX Office 2011 with a keyboard shortcut!

After installing Shortcat, use this key sequence to select the Home ribbon tab (which is alt,h):
  • Command key icon-Shift icon-Space (cmd-shift-space) to activate Shortcat
  • '.' (period) to display all available Shortcat options
  • Control key icon-J (control-j or whatever letter is above the home ribbon tab) to select the home tab 
  • Enter

While a casual observer may think that this is too much of a hassle, this keyboard sequence is extremely helpful when you're working with multiple large monitors and your mouse is far from where you need it to be.


Parry said...

Hi, Jason

On my computer, Shortcat is not highlighting elements inside my Excel window. It just highlights options on the menu bar. Even after I input a period. Can you tell me whether you had enabled this some way?

jyeee said...

Thanks, Parry - I've noticed this unexpected behavior as well and submitted this to support: